INNOVATING optimized SAP digital transformations that exceed your business goals and empower profit at every dimension!


In today’s competitive market, INNOVA leads a principle of balancing cost and outcome with terms of location and proximity. As a SAP development and implementation partner company our goal is to simplify business processes, boost organizations’ productivity and utilize potential to the fullest. 

Innova focuses in 4 lines of activities:

Professional services​

INNOVA is a premium level provider of: SAP implementation, Consulting, SAP Development and Technologies services for enterprise organizations.  INNOVA’s track record shows that enterprises across a wide range of industries are empowered by our technical solutions tailored to their business needs. Our proven expertise of running successful onshore/nearshore team models ensures organizations reach ultimate productivity. INNOVA guarantees to bring you the best talents that meets your expectations based efficiently at your site or nearby, at INNOVA’s offices. Our expertise includes:


Helps you quickly obtain intuitive and user-friendly information needed to make good business decisions by examining data that enables you understand trends and derive insights.

SAP HANA Technologies

Sap HANA fulfills your needs of migrating from previous databases like Oracle and SQL to HANA, Using SAP tools such as the solution manager. HANA can support endless volumes of data in-memory while returning query results in less than one second, based on number of analytic engines for various kinds of data processing.

Business analysis

At INNOVA we evaluate, analyze and implement Sap products with clients’ current and future anticipated needs in order to help manage areas such as inventory, sales, production and marketing within a single program. An analysis of enterprise resources planning, customer relationship, financial and HR management is provided at any type of industry and strategically determined on required SAP software programs.

SAP Development

Be able to lead opportunities ahead of your competitors by implementing faster business processes for simpler customers interactions.

SAP Analytics Cloud

lays the foundation for fast, modular use, and can grow alongside your business. As a true cloud solution, SAP Analytics Cloud is convenient, secure, and scales to meet the needs of businesses of any size. Based on open standards, SAP Cloud Platform offers complete flexibility and control over your choice of clouds, frameworks, and applications.


INNOVA understands how parts work together: the processes, operating systems, and application architectures, and can therefore define a specific technology solution that best fits the environment along with its features, phases, and requirements. Performed by no others, INNOVA holds the market leader in custom development ensuring quality is being highly maintained.

Managed services

INNOVA’s managed services empowers your commitment to your organization’s development goals.
This transformational framework, where our experts protect and monitor your SAP environment and solve critical technology related issues around-the-clock, enables your internal resources to continue being dedicated to meeting business goals.
Working in collaboration with your staff we give you that peace of mind to deliver qualitative results on reduced maintenance costs.


INNOVA’s SAP practice leads a full range of solutions covering an entire life-cycle of projects proven critical for business success. No matter the complexity of the task, INNOVA provides you the resources of building a reliable development team, based on either an onshore, nearshore or offshore model that helps you innovate and achieve your goals in minimal costs and implementation time.

Solutions include:

  • Implementation – INNOVA customizes existing programs and adds new programs to existing platforms in all SAP business modules which is ideal for a growing business that needs the right technology platform to help manage growth and lay a foundation for the future.
  • Development and training – INNOVA helps you level-up technology proficiency by creating a comprehensive training plan that helps your workforce get certified quickly and efficiently.

Offshore services

INNOVA offers you an offshore model located in Ukraine which ensures that our partners enjoy not only the advantage of being at the gates of Europe, but also the opportunity to leverage on an innovative and skilled team abroad. This reliable and flexible model allows you to hire the most suitable Ukrainian engineer that qualifies to your exact requirements and becomes a full-time, exclusive member of your team. Without any third-party interference, you manage and guide your highly committed team to optimal performance and results. Furthermore, Ukraine is at a time zone suitable for multi-national communication and offers similar cultures, familiar language and social lifestyle


INNOVA is a premium level provider of: SAP implementation, Consulting, SAP Development and Technologies services for enterprise organizations, and is part of the Unitask Group- one of the largest IT solutions providers in the Israeli market.

At INNOVA we embrace a futuristic business model and culture that help organizations grow while driving flexible innovations that shape tomorrow’s IT and business trends. We know best how to engineer and fit your enterprise with precise solutions that ensure business agility and value.

Our support services provide you access to a trusted expert who knows you and your specific environment making sure problems are solved. Our goal is to take care of every stage of your SAP lifecycle along with leaving you a sustainable competitive advantage


Stars in customer satisfaction


Vardit Wozner​


Over the last two years as CEO, Vardit Wozner has outlined INNOVA’s potential roadmap for facing the future.
Having a demonstrated history in the SAP industry, covering various senior positions at MalamTeam, Ness and IBM, Vardit is now leading INNOVA’s technology strategy with dedication to its customer demands.

Aside from ensuring customer success and promoting cost-effective goals, Vardit maintains INNOVA’s competitive advantage by developing a positive healthy work culture that brings highly engaged employees with a strong sense of purpose and a successful bottom line.

“INNOVA is already achieving an excellent cycle of service” she says. “We aim to continue leading our customers with our talented workforce, maintain our strong reputation and maximize our customers’ growth and profit”.

Boaz Ornan

VP, Technologies & Innovation

Boaz Ornan is responsible for INNOVA’s innovation agenda and for implementing customer strategy into tangible action.

Prior to his current assignment he held a variety of roles as chief technology officer (CTO), successfully leading big data software companies with a variety of business concepts in ensuring they implement new systems and infrastructure appropriately and efficiently with high profitability.

With placing dedication, a high priority on success, Boaz believes that “having a strong symbiotic partnership with our customers, and listening along the way to see what re-routes are in need to be taken, yields to a best-run business”.



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Yossi Mesilati

VP, Sales

Responsible for proper delegation, planning, conception, and implementation of strategic sales plans, Yossi Mesilati also ensures services follow professional and company policy standards.

He states that “solutions that are tailored to a client’s needs become business added-value solutions that can make a difference between success and failure”.

Gaining over 20 years of experience in the high-tech world Yossi has a proven track record in managing complex technological projects at IBM, and broad experience leading the Oracle division at Taldor.
Yossi holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Bar-Ilan University.

To contact Yossi please send E-mail to: